Self Led Practice (also known as “Mysore-style practice”)

Mysore is the traditional way to learn the Ashtanga practice and is ideal for everyone from brand new beginners to dedicated students. In the beginning, a student’s practice will be shorter, as they are taught the poses one-to-one by the teacher. As students gradually learn more poses, they become more independent and receive assistance only as needed. Students can arrive at any time during the session, as long as they leave themselves enough time to finish their practice and take rest.

Led Primary Series

Led Primary Series class is held for both experienced and newer students. These classes are held every few months and are announced ahead of time in our newsletter. This is an opportunity to ensure that students are learning and practicing the vinyasa in the primary series. (Each posture has a specific breath count and series of movements to enter and exit the pose and this is a wonderful opportunity to refine your understanding of vinyasa.) The practice also helps to create internal and external strength and focus. Not recommended for absolute beginners, however once you’ve been coming to practice for a few weeks you are encouraged to join us! If you are not sure, please feel free to ask.