Welcome to Mysore Philadelphia!

We are a traditional Ashtanga Yoga program located in Philadelphia. We are located inside of Philadelphia Yoga Exchange. Our program is directed by Authorized Level 2 teacher Meghan Kirk. Meghan and the assistant teachers at Mysore Philadelphia are all dedicated to teaching the practice of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by R Sharath Jois in Mysore, India.

Our goal at Mysore Philadelphia is to share Ashtanga Yoga in an accessible and joyful environment. We believe that when taught correctly, meaning with care and with the individual student in mind, that everyone can benefit from this practice. We look forward to meeting you!


Dear Friends,

I’ve been struggling over the past week to put this newsletter together. For some reason the “right words” have been eluding me, so in the absence of eloquence I am simply going to be honest. I’ve been teaching in Mysore rooms since December of 2012. It’s been an honor and also, in the spirit of being honest, a bit of a struggle. Making ends meet while teaching in a way that I truly feel good about, along with prioritizing traveling to Mysore and continued study with my other teachers/mentors, has required some significant financial sacrifice. For most of the time I have taught I have held another job or two. This set-up worked for me until I had Maggie. Now the needs of my family are different and if my practice has taught me nothing else it is that forcing things never yields good results, so instead of forcing I am choosing to allow for necessary change which includes my teaching and administrative schedules.

I can only do so much with integrity. As a result, beginning Sunday, December 22nd I will be teaching three days per week - Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. These are the only classes that will be offered through the program and all classes will continue to be held at Philadelphia Yoga Exchange. Tuition rates will change to reflect the abbreviated schedule. As always if anyone cannot afford to pay the full cost of a monthly PLEASE speak to me and we can find a sliding scale option that works for you. I have always believed that everyone who wants to practice should have the opportunity to do so and this new set-up will actually allow me to make space for everyone who needs it, not just a limited number of scholarship students. Commitment is the only requirement for qualifying for financial assistance, so please ask if you need some.

Now, onto the logistics:
Most of you are already dedicated practicioners who practice at home at least part of the week. It is a real point of pride for me that most of the people who work with me don’t come every day. Ultimately the goal as a teacher is to have students own their practice, and simply know how to roll out their mat at home (or wherever they are) and “ekam inhale”. For those of you who have not yet taken the “home practice plunge” now is the time. There is a beautiful magic that happens in the Mysore room, but an equally (and in many ways more potent) magic that happens when we step away from the teachers, fellow students and familiar spaces and take ownership of our own practices.
I have practiced largely on my own for the majority of the time I’ve been practicing and those early mornings on my own in the dark of my living room (mother-in-laws sewing room, hotel bathroom, etc.) have been invaluable in truly meeting myself and in taking my teachers off of the pedestals on which my mind longs to place them. If you doubt your ability to home practice please reach out to me. I have some tips and tricks to offer, and I am willing to give some pep talks as needed. However, I am absolutely positive that all of you have it in you to do this.

Moments of change always bring to mind Henry V (yes, I am a theater geek):
“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.” In other words, let’s get on with it. We don't ask for change or challenge, but they will surely find us and all we can do is rise to the occasion. The learning never ends, and hopefully practice helps reveal that the tools you need are within you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have, as always.

With love and gratitude,


Meghan Kirk Bhujapidasana